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Home organizing checklist

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Home organizing checklist

If you have resolved to bust that clutter and get your house organized, here's a room-by-room checklist to help you along the way.

Master bedroom
• Bag all clothing you no longer need and give it away.
• Organize and pare down contents of drawers.
• Clean under the bed and organize any under-bed storage boxes.
• Take down and wash curtains.
• Clean floor, walls and ceiling.

Kids' bedrooms
• Organize closets and drawers, and give away clothing and footwear your kids have outgrown.
• Clean walls, removing crayon and other marks.
Organize toys and give away anything your kids don't play with.
• Wash curtains and all bedding.

• Get rid of empty shampoo bottles, expired medications and all other clutter.
• Organize the cupboards and shelves.
• Wash shower curtains.
• Clean entire room.

Dining room
• Clean chandelier.
• Dust and polish china and silverware.
• Polish table and other furniture.
• Clean floor and walls.

Family room
Dust entire room, including ceiling fan and light fixtures.
• If necessary, steam clean furniture and carpet.
• Organize toys into bins or on shelves.
• Organize DVDs, CDs, etc.

• Clean inside and outside of all appliances.
• Organize cupboards and give away pots, pans and dishes that you don't use.
• Clean and organize cutlery drawer.
• Wash floor, walls and ceiling.

Laundry room
• Sort dirty laundry into bins or baskets.
• Clean dryer vent and, if necessary, the inside of the washer.
• Clean floor, walls and ceiling.

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Home organizing checklist