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Make an enchanted house

Make an enchanted house

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Make an enchanted house

The Witches Haunt
Create magic around your doorway with this easy door craft.

• metallic thread and rope (optional)
• vines or branches
• string of mini-lights
• 1 strip of heavy cloth (burlap works well) long enough to frame the door
• decorative ribbons in coordinating colours
• leaves and dried cornstalks

Working on the ground, wind metallic thread around vines to create a garland long enough to frame the door. Check that the string of lights is in working order, then lay it down on top of the vines. Wind cloth and ribbon around both the lights and the vines. Wind more metallic thread or the rope around vines, lights, cloth and ribbon. Fasten the garland to the door frame. Stick on the leaves and tie dried cornstalks onto the garland with ribbon.

Wandering Spirits
Ghosts in the trees, the bushes – everywhere!

• white lightweight cotton fabric
• wire mesh
• doll eyes or black pencil
• spray glue and scissors
• nylon thread

Cut out squares measuring at least 46 cm (18 in) from both the fabric and the mesh. Coat 1 mesh square with glue and cover it with 1 fabric square. Make a fist and form the phantom's head and the folds of his garment around it. Glue the eyes on or draw them on with pencil. Repeat with the rest of the squares. Hang the phantoms using the nylon thread.

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Phantom Shade
Light up the night with scary lampposts.

brown paper
• scissors and pencil
• adhesive tape

Remove the light from the lamppost. Trace the shape of the glass panes onto brown paper (they serve as the gauge for the phantoms' size). Draw a phantom figure onto each piece of paper and cut out. Glue the figures onto the panes and replace the light.

Turn a window into a phantom hangout.

• brown paper
• sturdy fabric
• scissors and pencil

Draw a shape onto the paper appropriate to your window's dimensions. Cut it out to use as a template. Pin the fabric to the paper and cut out the shape. Remove the paper and hang the shape in your window. Place a light behind the phantom.

Magic Lanterns
Illuminate your walkway with charming pumpkin guide lights.

• small pumpkins
cookie cutters (simple shapes)
• hammer or black pencil
• sharp knife
• rope and metallic thread
• small candles
• metal lantern stands

Cut an opening in the top of each pumpkin. Using cookie cutter and hammer, mark desired areas for cutting out shapes. (The cookie cutter will not remove the piece entirely and it's not strong enough to endure repeated hammering.) Or, trace around cookie cutter using black pencil.

Cut out the shapes with the knife. Cut lengths of rope for hanging the pumpkins and wrap them with metallic thread. Make a small opening on either side of each pumpkin next to the top opening and pull the rope through; tie a knot at each end of the rope. Wrap metallic thread around groups of three candles. (The lighting is more intense than with a single candle.) Place the candle trios inside the pumpkins and hang the pumpkins from the metal lantern stands. You can also use small flashlights or mini-lights instead of candles.

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Garlands of Gourds
This colourful wreath is perfect for Halloween and the entire fall season.

•decorative gourds
•metallic thread
•wreath (grapevine or straw)
•bunches of dried leaves
•brown and gold satin ribbon

Poke a hole through both sides of the gourds and string a length of metallic thread through each one; attach to wreath. Stick the leaves into the wreath or secure them with a glue gun. Decorate with a section of ribbon tied in a bow, making sure the ends are long enough to flutter in the wind.

Nosy Pumpkin
When carving a pumpkin, try using the stem as a nose. Lay the pumpkin on its side and cut out the eyes above the stem and the mouth below it. (Make the opening for the candle through the bottom.)

Don't forget to check out these fun pumpkin carving templates too!

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Make an enchanted house