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Moving? Here's how to assess and evaluate what you should bring

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Moving? Here's how to assess and evaluate what you should bring

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The biggest challenge when downsizing is deciding what to keep for the new house and how to part with the rest. Here are some tips.

What to keep
• Prioritize items that are already a part of your lifestyle.
• Go through the most cluttered rooms first – and don't forget closets and cupboards.
• Measure your furniture.
• Get floor plans with the dimensions of your new space; the location of doors and windows may affect furniture placement.
• Use a home design software program to help you visualize a preliminary floor plan.

Good riddance
• Give away sentimental items to those who will appreciate them.
• Auction off high-end pieces, have a yard sale or sell them on eBay.
• Recycle or donate to charity (goodwill.org).
• Arrange for a pickup of your unwanted items with the Salvation Army.

Not sure?
• Bring in a friend or professional designer if you're having a tough time deciding what to keep and what to chuck.
• Store items for a certain amount of time (say, six months), and if you haven't needed the item by then sell it or give it away.

How to get organized
Storage solutions
• Clear plastic stackable bins with or without wheels are great for moving and storing, and come in many sizes.
• Label all boxes and bins by room.
• Buy or rent a small dolly or cart to move heavy boxes from room to room.

Moving day checklist
• Make sure both your origin and destination locations are ready; arrange for street parking, loading docks and elevators if needed.
• Take all of your valuables (e.g., jewelry, artwork) and any personal and important documents with you, and make appropriate arrangements for your pets.
• Move large furniture items into your new home first.
• Place furniture in the rooms according to the plan you made earlier.
• Put labelled storage boxes into their respective rooms and then begin unpacking.
• Start with the bathroom – it's the room most likely to be needed first.
• Organize your space as you unpack.
• Use closet and cupboard storage solutions; home improvement centres sell storage racks that will allow you to take advantage of every square inch of available storage space.

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Moving? Here's how to assess and evaluate what you should bring