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Vital ingredients - A creative window box

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Vital ingredients - A creative window box

The following herb window box instructions and images are excerpted with permission from Creative Window Boxes by Stephanie Donaldson (Lorenz Books, 2001).

A lovely present for an enthusiastic cook, this window box contains chervil, coriander, fennel, garlic, purple sage, French tarragon, savory, origanum and basil.

&#8226 45 cm (18 in) wooden window box
&#8226 Crocks or other suitable drainage material
&#8226 Compost
&#8226 Slow-release plant food granules, pelleted chicken manure, or similar organic plant food

&#8226 French tarragon
&#8226 Chervil
&#8226 Garlic
&#8226 Coriander
&#8226 Purple sage
&#8226 Basil Fennel
&#8226 Savory (Satureja hortensis)
&#8226 Origanum

1. Line the base of the container with crocks or other suitable drainage material. Fill the window box with compost, mixing in a teaspoon of slow-release plant food granules or organic alternative. (See image.)

2. Before planting the herbs, arrange them in the window box in their pots. (See image.)

3. Plant the back row of herbs first. (See image.)

4. Plant more herbs at the front of the window box. Water well and stand in a sunny position. (See image.)

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Vital ingredients - A creative window box