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Kitchen island ideas: 4 colourful countertop looks

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Decor & Renovation

Kitchen island ideas: 4 colourful countertop looks

Spruce up your kitchen island countertop with any of these on-trend decor ideas.

The island
Between its butcher-block prep surface and its ample storage, this freewheeling island is the next best thing to a built-in.
belmont kitchen island
Belmont kitchen island, $699,

Mint condition
Pale, powdery shades of blue-green kick a vintage vibe into high gear.
kitchenair stand mixer KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer in Pistachio Green, $550, Marble and wood mortar and pestle, $38, Kastrull pot with lid, $25, Danica Studio Calliope and Carousel tea towels, $14 per pair, from

Cook's kitchen
These humble, hardworking accessories prove that a back-to-basics approach doesn't have to be boring.
porcelian utensil holder
Porcelain utensil holder, $25, Salt and pepper mills, $40 each, from Mix It Up tea towel, $12, Now Designs bakery box, $32, from

French farmhouse
Nothing channels the charms of Provence like the pairing of yellow and navy.
peugeot pepper mill
Peugeot pepper mill, $65, Denby Monsoon storage jar, $30,  Denby Monsoon Jerez pitcher, $50, Golden Bistro Stripe tea towel, $12,

Haute folk
A multihue tea towel takes the guesswork out of mixing and matching. Any colour in the pattern is fair game for accessories!
now designs botanica tea towel
Now Designs Botanica tea towel, $8, from Enamel-look cappuccino mug, $5, from Maxwell & Williams Infusions teapot, $33, from Garnera serving stand, $17, Vitrified Studio spice bottles, $147 per set of five,

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Decor & Renovation

Kitchen island ideas: 4 colourful countertop looks