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Business cards in minutes

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DIY & Crafts

Business cards in minutes

Now, customized business cards are just a few clicks away and the only cost is your time and the paper to print them on. You can choose from a colourful selection of designs ideal for almost any type of business. Add your own text and photos (or use the free photos provided) and you're ready to print. Publicity, accomplished!

HP has provided a simple-to-use Wizard, and we will ease your way through the Wizard's magic.

* Text for your business card
* Image(s) (logo or photo)
* Free Adobe Reader software
* 8-1/2" x 11" paper or business card stock

Start by choosing a theme from the Wizard (child care, home improvement, landscaping, in-home party, real estate, personal training, or generic.) You can adapt any of these designs to your needs.

Then, add your own images (photos, art or logo) and text.

Before printing the final copy the Wizard guides you through printing a draft to check your work. Finally, you are prompted to download a final version in a .pdf format (readable with the Adobe Reader) to print or save on your computer.

Finally, follow the printing instructions. The following instructions are for HP printers. Try printing a test page before using any HP specialty paper.

1. Place a sheet of business card stock in your printer tray.
2. Set your printer to Best Quality.
3. In the print dialogue, under "Page Handling", set "Page Scaling" menu to "None" option
4. Print your business cards. Let dry thoroughly.


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DIY & Crafts

Business cards in minutes