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Clothespin angel

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Clothespin angel

You need:
Old-fashioned wooden clothespeg
8 cm (3-1/8-in) length of gathered eyelet lace trim, 5 cm (2 in) wide
Coloured pencil in desired skin tone
Two 1/4-in diameter wooden beads to match skin tone
25.5 cm (10 in) length of 22-gauge wire
Small translucent gold beads with holes that accommodate wire
Metallic pipe cleaner
White thread and needle (optional)
Fine-tip permanent markers: black, red and desired colours for hair and shoes
White acrylic paint and fine-tip artist’s paintbrush (both optional)
15 cm (6 in) length of monofilament, for hanging loop
Glue gun
Paper towel

To make:
1. Rub coloured pencil all over clothespeg; with moistened paper towel, rub colour into wood. With markers, draw hair, face and slippers; if desired with paintbrush tip, dot centre of each eye with white paint, then let dry.

2. Leaving 5 cm (2 in) unbeaded at working end, thread beads onto wire, filling 7.5 cm (3 in); loop long end back and, 5 cm from working end, twist wire ends together twice to form wing. Thread long end through beads, filling 7.5 cm; loop long end back and twist ends together twice to form second wing. Twist ends around clothespeg at "waist," securing with dab of glue. Shape points at wing tips.

3. Press under 3 mm (1/8 in) along each end of lace; wrap around waist gluing to secure, then overlap ends at centre back and glue or, with needle and thread, stitch together.

4. Leaving 3 cm (1-1/8-in) end extending at each side (for arms)), wrap pipe cleaner around body from waist to chin. Slip bead onto each end of arm, for hand, then twist pipe-cleaner end to secure. Dab glue at each underarm and at bottom of each bead.

5. Slip 1 end of monofilament through wing and pull until ends are even; tie ends in overhand knot for hanging loop.

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DIY & Crafts

Clothespin angel