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You need:
One 30 cm (11-7/8 in) square of corrugated cardboard, for wreath base
Two 7.5 cm (3 in) squares of sturdy card stock, for pom-pom maker
Scraps of chunky weight green and red yarn, for pom-poms
.90 m (35-1/2 in) wide festive ribbon
X-acto knife and cutting mat
Darning needle
Low-temperature glue gun

To make:
1. With compass, on corrugated cardboard draw 27 cm (10-5/8 in) circle; centred inside, draw 14 cm (5-1/2 in) circle. With knife, cut out wreath base. Set aside.

2. With compass, on each square of card stock draw 5 cm (2 in) circle; centre inside, draw 13 mm (1/2 in) circle. With knife, cut out each circle, then cut 1 slit straight in from outer to inner edge. From yarn, cut 26 green and 8 red pom-pom ties, each 38 cm (15 in) long. Set aside. Make 26 green and 8 red pom-poms as follows: With edges even and slits aligned, hold card-stock circles together. Holding 3 or 4 strands of yarn together in other hand, and beginning and ending at slit, wind yarn evenly and thickly counterclockwise around circle through centre hole, until hole is full. Holding yarn firmly in place at centre, slip scissors between circles at outside edge and cut yarn all around; still holding yarn firmly in place at centre, slip 1 matching tie between circles and around yarn at centre, then tightly knot. Do not trim tie ends.

3. Fasten16 green pom-poms to wreath base, evenly spaced around outer edge, and 10, evenly spaced around inner edge, as follows: Position pom-pom on wreath base front; one at a time, thread each tie end through needle and push through cardboard to back, then knot ends to secure pom-pom. In same manner, fasten red pom-poms, evenly spaced between green circles.

4. Tie bow at midpoint of ribbon; dab with glue to secure. Glue ribbon ends to back of wreath at top to form hanging loop.

Designer's tip
To save time, use ready-made pom-poms.

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