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Halloween decor: Ghoulish greetings

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Halloween decor: Ghoulish greetings

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Use a neat trompe l'oeil trick to turn your front door into a playful "picture" window, then plant the porch with pails of creepy potted characters. Our easy instructions tell you how to decorate your doorway, but you can use the same techniques to disguise a blank wall or dress up a boring fence.

You need:
• Old clothes
• Boots
• Gloves
• Wooden window frame
• Foam board
• Straw hat
• Hat halves
• 2 eye hooks
• Wood screws
• Pots
• Cobwebs
• Crawling insects
• Twine
• Light string
• Finishing nails

To make:
1. Stuff masks and old clothes with straw. Push pant legs into boots. Sew gloves onto cuffs.

2. Staple or tack fabric-scrap curtains and garment arm- or leg-top to back of glass-free wooden window frame that fits on your door. Staple or tack foam board background (with same dimensions as frame) to back of frame. Pin or glue stuffed masks, straw hair and hat halves to foam board. Screw 2 eye hooks into each side edge of frame, then drill and screw frame to door through eyes using wood screws (each having shaft dimension that fits hook eye but head that won't slip through it).

3. Position old clothing and masks in straw-filled pots; arrange around door. Add cobwebs and crawling insects, if desired.

4. Using short lengths of twine, tie small bunches of straw. Tie these to longer length of twine to form garland. Intertwine light string with garland and hang from finishing nails driven into door frame.

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DIY & Crafts

Halloween decor: Ghoulish greetings