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Halloween decor: How to make a spider wreath

Photography by Nancy Falconi Image by: Photography by Nancy Falconi Author: Canadian Living

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Halloween decor: How to make a spider wreath

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You need:

Grapevine wreath
2 artificial leaves
20 black pipe cleaners
Black acrylic paint
Orange cellophane
86 cm (40 inch) length black satin ribbon
Flour (optional)
Floral wire
Scissors, ruler, wire snips

Find a larger image of the spider wreath here!

To make:
1. Working on protected surface, paint wreath and plastic leaves black. Let dry.

2. For each spider, cut three 10 cm (4-inch) squares of cellophane and two 10 cm (4-inch) squares of newspaper. Stack cellophane squares; roll newspaper into small ball. Place ball in centre of cellophane squares; gather and twist cellophane around newspaper ball. Tuck in ends and secure with wire. Brush black paint roughly over ball.

3. For legs, cut pipe cleaner into four 6 cm (2-1/2 inch) lengths. Bundle lengths together and, using 10 cm length floral wire, secure at centre. Attach legs to ball, at wire wrap. Bend pipe cleaners to resemble legs. Leave floral wire o use as ties. Repeat to make 15 spiders.

4. Tie ribbon in bow around wreath. Affix wire loop behind bow for hanging loop.

5. Affix spiders and leaves to wreath using floral wire. Twist 1 end of pipe cleaner around wreath; twirl into spiral shape. Repeat with second pipe cleaner. If desired, dust lightly with flour to create "dust."

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DIY & Crafts

Halloween decor: How to make a spider wreath