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Have a Ball!

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Have a Ball!

Go for drama on a large scale. Cover an oversize Styrofoam ball with big, beautiful ribbon rosettes. Hang one ornament in a window, or stagger several above a buffet or over an open staircase. For a lush look, choose ribbons that shimmer or gleam. Instructions are written for small size (20.5 cm/8 in in diameter, finished), not shown; any changes for large size (30.5 cm/12 in in diameter, finished), right, follow in brackets.

You need: (for each):

&#8226 15.50 (28.30) m wire-edged chiffon ribbon, 2-1/2 (2-5/8) in wide, for rosettes
&#8226 1.70 (3.10) m moiré ribbon, 2-1/2 (2-5/8) in wide, for rose centres
&#8226 Florist's wire
&#8226 Old scissors to cut wire-edged ribbon and wire cutters to cut florist's wire
&#8226 4 Styrofoam balls, 8 in in diameter
&#8226 Sheet of matching foil wrapping paper
&#8226 Glue gun or straight pins

To make:

1. From chiffon ribbon, cut one 1m/39-3/8-in length for hanger and set aside, then cut 18 (34) 80 cm/31-1/2-in lengths. From moiré ribbon, cut 18 (34) 9 cm/3-1/2-in lengths.

2. Make each rosette: Knot 1 end of each chiffon length. At opposite end, gently pull wire at 1 edge only so ribbon gathers along wire and curls; leave wire end untrimmed.

Loop one moiré length so ends are even; gather ends together and wrap with short length of florist's wire.

With all gathered (bottom) edges down and even, hold moiré loop tight against chiffon knot; wrap chiffon ribbon around knot/loop, tightly at first to form centre, then loosely to flare outside edge. Fold remaining end down, even with bottom edge; wrap wire end tightly around edge (if desired, dab with glue). Adjust "petals" as desired.

3. Press foil around ball, trimming away excess, then glue or pin on rosettes. Fasten 1 end of hanger to ball top.

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DIY & Crafts

Have a Ball!