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How to make a bedazzled star Christmas tree ornament

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How to make a bedazzled star Christmas tree ornament

You need:
• Star templates, small and large (available here)
• Scraps white bristol board
• Yellow felt
• Gold pipe cleaners
• Beads (we used amber-coloured crystal and large seed beads)
• Polyester stuffing
• Yellow embroidery floss and/or thread
• Pencil and scissors
• Tacky glue or white glue
• Wax paper or parchment paper
• Masking tape (optional)
• Pencil and scissors

To make:
1. With pencil, trace small and large star templates onto bristol board; cut out.

2. Trace large star onto yellow felt; cut out. Repeat to make 3 stars total.

3. Dip one end of pipe cleaner into glue, or cover end liberally, and place on top point of first star. Let dry. (If desired, apply small piece of masking tape to secure.)

4. Apply glue to first star, covering evenly, all the way to edges. Place second star on top. Press down firmly, especially at edges. Place sheet of wax paper, then flat, heavy object, such as a book, on top of star. Let dry.

5. Coat back of small bristol board star with glue; place, glue side down, on top of second star.

6. Apply glue to small star. Arrange small amount of stuffing on top of small star, covering completely and arranging some stuffing just past points. Place third large star on top to see if star will cover while still lining edges up fairly close to the edges of first and second star.

7. Apply a layer of glue to one side of third star, evenly coating to edges. Lay third star, glue side down, on top of small star and stuffing, taking care to line up points and edges. Replace wax paper and weight on top of star. Let dry. (If necessary, trim edges to even out.)

8. To decorate, arrange beads and pipe cleaner(s) on the star as desired. Lightly mark placement with pencil. Glue beads, then pipe cleaner(s) in place.

9. Create hanging loop with yellow embroidery thread and glue, tape or stitch to back of top point of star.

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DIY & Crafts

How to make a bedazzled star Christmas tree ornament