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How to make a monarch butterfly mobile

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How to make a monarch butterfly mobile

You need:
• Artificial sunflower (approx. 120 cm/4 feet long), or interesting branch from your garden
• “S” hook or metal ring
• Fishing line (4 lb)
• 3 Monarch Butterflies ( see instructions here)
• Clear tape, clothespins
• Small sharp scissors
• 2 black seed beads
• Tacky glue

Take a peek at a more detailed image of the monarch butterfly mobile.

To make:

1. Tie ends of 120 cm (4-foot) length fishing line to the sunflower stem, about 10 cm (4 inches) apart. Tie knot in centre of fishing line to create hanging loop; affix "S" hook or metal ring. Stem should hang on slight diagonal (see photo); adjust if necessary.

If wired, adjust position of sunflower leaves or petals as desired.

3. Experiment with positioning of butterflies, using fishing line, adhesive tape or clothespins to aid in arranging.

4. For flying butterflies, tie fish line to a black seed bead, then glue bead to wing, positioning so that butterfly will hold desired position. It may be necessary to string fishing line through more than one bead. Use tacky glue to affix bead(s) to blend in with markings on butterflies. Tie hanging butterflies loosely to stem; glue resting butterflies to leaves.

You might also want to make a monarch butterfly garden stake or window decoration.

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DIY & Crafts

How to make a monarch butterfly mobile