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Make a festive candle centrepiece

Author: Canadian Living

DIY & Crafts

Make a festive candle centrepiece

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Inspired by an expensive crown tree topper he had seen in a trendy upscale shop in New York City, Karl Lohnes decided to create his own version, using simple craft materials, for less than $20. The three to four hours he spent crafting the ornament was well worth the effort: originally designed as a tree topper, it also does double duty as an elegant centrepiece. Because of the branches, he used an LED candle.

You need:
• 20 to 30.5 cm (8- to 12-inch) raffia or foam wreath
• 6 m (19½ feet) shiny 1-inch-wide ribbon
• Straight-cut branches, small twigs and pinecones
• Glue gun and glue sticks
• Scissors and garden snips
• Tinsel rope or moss
• 2.5 cm (1-inch) Christmas balls and Christmas ornaments

See a larger version of the completed craft here.

To make:
1. Wrap wreath form with ribbon to cover, securing ribbon with glue as you work.

2. With glue gun, adhere straight-cut branches vertically to inside of wreath, placing branches close together. Cut branches to various lengths to create the effect of a crown.

3. With wreath flat on work surface, glue twigs, pinecones and ornaments to wreath to cover. Use tinsel rope to cover bottom of wreath and to add a bit of glitter. Perch Christmas balls or ornaments among twigs and pinecones to finish it off.

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DIY & Crafts

Make a festive candle centrepiece