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Make an origami gift box

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DIY & Crafts

Make an origami gift box

We used a medium-weight, good quality wallpaper for our origami gift boxes.

Instructions for a 4” by 4” by 1-1/2” box.

1. Cut a 9-7/8” square for the box bottom and a 7-1/4” square for the box lid.

2. Fold corners of each square toward centre, using bone folder or other thin, blunt tool to make precise creases.

3. Fold one side of bottom 1-1/2” toward centre; crease then unfold. Repeat for other three sides. Do the same for the lid, folding each side in 1/2”. At each corner of bottom and lid, fold a diagonal crease that bisects the small square created by previous folds.

4. Unfold two opposite sides (see photo). Refold remaining two sides of square along crease so they stand upright and form two walls of box. Fold up third side, tucking diagonal corner folds inward against it; wrap third side over folds; lay in place. Repeat for forth side. Glue together at the centre.

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Photos by Luis Albuquerque

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DIY & Crafts

Make an origami gift box