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No-sew Valentine's throw

Author: Canadian Living

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No-sew Valentine's throw

Roses and chocolate may be the most popular gifts for Valentine's Day, but a cozy throw to snuggle under with your loved one is definitely more romantic. Our fleece throw is simple to make and perfect for keeping away the chill on those frosty February nights.

Put the kids to bed, pop in your favourite film (we suggest a great love story like An Affair to Remember or Breakfast at Tiffany's), pour two glasses of wine and cuddle up for an evening of romance.

You will need:
• Two pieces of fleece (approximately 7 feet by 6 feet) in complimentary colours of your choice
• Decal paper for inkjet printer
• Sharp scissors
• Utility knife
• Masking tape
• Washable marker
• Long, heavy ruler

To make:
Step 1: Selecting a design
Go online and visit clip art or stencil sites for a design that will fit your décor. We suggest picking a block pattern that isn't too intricate and that doesn't involve having to sew pieces back on to the fabric. So, if you want to use a word, like LOVE for example, make sure the O is created out of two Cs facing each other rather than two full circles. (You can create such lettering in Microsoft Word by choosing the Stencil font under Format > Font.)

Step 2: Creating the stencil
While you can print your stencil onto regular paper, decal paper is more durable and will stick to the fabric while your trace the pattern. It can also be used with a different medium, such as paint, to sponge onto a lampshade, wall or fabric to continue the design throughout a room. Print your pattern onto the decal paper, according to the package directions. Cut out the image with scissors or a utility knife.

Step 3: Transferring the design
Lay one layer of fleece on a flat surface, good side face down. Measure in about 8 inches from all sides and mark with masking tape. Decide on your overall pattern -- you can create a border along one or all sides of the throw, pepper the design over the entire throw or cluster the design in one corner. Peel off the backing paper and press the decal into place. Trace the image with a washable marker. Remove the stencil and repeat. Cut out the design with scissors, then remove the masking tape.

Step 4: Finishing the throw
Lay the second piece of fleece good side up over the cut piece and match up the edges. Cut off a six-inch-square from each corner. Lay a heavy ruler six inches in from one edge of the throw and cut fringe every inch. Pick up both pieces of fringe and knot together so that the knot lies flat. Repeat with the remaining three edges.

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DIY & Crafts

No-sew Valentine's throw