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Patched-with-hearts baby blanket

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Patched-with-hearts baby blanket

You need:
Get the heart pattern (PDF format requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Piece of white polar fleece, 112 x 102 cm (44 x 40 inches)
.60 m blue-and-white cotton check, 115 cm wide
Piece of pink cotton fabric, 80 x 35 cm (31-1/2 x 13-7/8 inches)
.40 m paper-backed lightweight fusible interfacing, 90 cm wide
•  .40 m white satin ribbon, 4 mm wide
White thread
Dressmaker's chalk pencil

To make:
1. From check and following grain from selvage to selvage, cut four 2 cm (3/4 inch) wide strips, two 110 cm (43-1/4 inches) long and two 100 cm (39-3/8 inches) long.

2. Centre 1 long strip, right side up, along each long edge of fleece, 1 cm from long edge, then fold edge 1 cm over strip and pin. Repeat with short strips and edges. Cut a mitre in fleece at each corner and handstitch in place. Edgestitch 3 layers together along cut edges of fleece, to bind edges of blanket. Fray raw edge of check to within 3 mm (1/8 inch) of each stitch line.

3. From check and following grain, cut eight 22 x 20 cm (8-5/8 x 7-7/8 inches) patches. With chalk pencil and enlarged pattern, trace 8 hearts onto right side of pink fabric, then fuse interfacing to wrong side following manufacturer's instructions. Cut out hearts, centre 1 on right side of each check patch and fuse. With wide, closely spaced machine zigzag, stitch around edge of each heart, to appliqué in place.

4. Pin check patches on blanket as desired. Machine-stitch each 1 cm from edge, then fray raw edge to within 3 mm of stitch line.

5. Cut ribbon into eight 30 cm (11-7/8-inches) lengths; with pin, mark midpoint of each. At pin, hand-stitch 1 ribbon to top V of each heart; tie ribbon into a tiny bow.

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DIY & Crafts

Patched-with-hearts baby blanket