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Shooting star costume

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Shooting star costume

What you need:
Download shooting star costume pattern (PDF format requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Size (approximate age in years): Small (3-4) Medium (6-8)
• Blue fleece for robe, 60" (150cm) wide: S=1-7/8 yds. (1.80m); M=2-3/8 yds. (2.20m)
• Yellow fleece for lining of both star and treat bag, 60" (150cm) wide: S=2 yds. (1.80m); M=2 yds. (1.80m)
• Metallic fabric for star top layer and treat bag, 45" (115cm) wide: S=1-1/2 yds. (1.40m); M=1-1/2 yds. (1.40m)

Other supplies for shooting star costume:
• gold ribbons or long Christmas icicles for trimming the star
• polyester fiberfill to stuff star tips
• hot glue gun and glue sticks

For treat bag:
• piece of narrow elastic
• cord for a drawstring

Star (headwear)
Cut four star patterns from yellow fleece for double-layered lining. Cut two star patterns from metallic fabric for a top layer. Hotglue each two fleece layers together around edges. Hotglue the metallic fabric stars to fleece stars around edges. With linings together, hotglue the completed stars front to back around three upper tips, leaving bottom open for neck. Cut face opening on front only. Stuff the three upper tips with fiberfill. Hotglue gold ribbons or long Christmas icicles under lower edge.

Long robe
Hotglue or stitch sides and underarms.

Safety tip
For a small child, cut the robe short enough to prevent tripping.

Treat bag
Adjust the size as desired. Cut one pattern piece from metallic fabric and one from fleece, and treat the layers as one. Stitch or hotglue side seam closed. On right side, stitch or hotglue the top edges of fabric and lining together, press under, and fuse or hotglue in place. On inside, gather and knot the bottom tightly closed with a piece of elastic. Turn right side out. Cut small holes around upper edge and weave a cord through the holes for a drawstring.

These costumes are from Illegally Easy® Halloween Costumes for Kids, copyright by Leila Peltosaari, a winner of Writer's Digest Award, featuring 100 original costumes with colour photos, patterns, complete instructions, and matching treat bags and accessories. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to UNICEF. To order a copy for $29.95, visit

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DIY & Crafts

Shooting star costume