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Simple holiday place-card holders

(from left) Vintage, country and whimsical place-card settings Image by: (from left) Vintage, country and whimsical place-card settings Author: Canadian Living

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Simple holiday place-card holders

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Click to view a larger picture of the three finished place-card holders.

Picture-perfect vintage frame
Print name on paper with fancy computer font or calligraphy pen; centring name, cut paper to fit small, self-standing picture frame. Slide paper inside.

Rustic country log-pile
From 5/8-inch/1.5 cm diameter twigs, cut two 4-inch/10 cm lengths. Hold in bundle; approx 3/8-inch/1 cm from each end, wire together with floral wire. Wrap narrow gold ribbon over wire; with glue gun, secure. Glue on small sprig of real or faux holly. Tuck place card between "logs."

Whimsical snowman
Cut out pom-pom patterns. (PDF format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Get a free version here.) Onto cardboard, trace each pom-pom pattern twice; cut out along solid lines, to make small and large "doughnut" (cut slit and inner circle along black line for both sizes).

From white, medium- to chunky-weight yarn, cut two 12-inch/30.5 cm lengths; set aside. One at a time, hold pair of same-size doughnuts together with edges and slits aligned. Holding strand of yarn in other hand, and beginning and ending at slit, wind yarn counterclockwise around doughnut through centre hole, until hole is full. Holding yarn firmly in place at centre, slip scissors between cardboard at outside edge and cut yarn all around; still holding doughnut firmly in place at centre, slip 1 yarn length between cardboard around yarn at centre, then tightly knot.

From corrugated cardboard, cut 7-1/2- x 2-inch/19 x 5 cm strip. Overlapping short ends, form into cylinder; with tacky glue, adhere ends. Glue branched twig inside cylinder ("ice" with white glitter glue, first, if desired). Run line of glue around top rim of cylinder; gently press large pom-pom on rim. Centre and glue small pom-pom on top. Glue on tiny black pom-pom eyes and buttons, orange felt nose, and black shank button hat. Set place card on twig.

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DIY & Crafts

Simple holiday place-card holders