How to cook chicken wings

To discover how to cook chicken wings, see the following recipes which will give you various ways to cook and prepare this meat.
  1. Cajun Chicken Wings

    Skewered lengthwise, these spicy wings stay flat and are easy to handle on the grill.

  2. Oven-Baked Sesame Chicken Wings

    Preheat oven to 375°F. Remove tips (if desired), excess skin and fat from chicken wings. In shallow dish combine bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese,...

  3. Crunchy Parmesan Chicken Wings

    These Parmesan-coated wings make a satisfying snack.

  4. Oriental Chicken Wings

    Crispy browned wings are always a welcome snack or main dish.

  5. Five-Spice Chicken Wings

    Aromatic five-spice powder adds intrigue to sticky chicken wings.

  6. Parmesan Chicken Wings

    **THESE ARE ALWAYS A HUGE HIT** Great football party food. Doubles very well. I use seperate hands or untensils for butter & cheese mixtures....

  7. Coriander Chicken Wings

    There are two tricks for grilling wings. The first is to remove the wing tip, because it always burns before the rest of the wing cooks. The second...

  8. Smokey Chicken Wings

    Cut tips off chicken wings and separate wings at joint. In bowl, combine tomato sauce, brown sugar, Dijon mustard, smoked paprika, lime juice,...

  9. Szechuan Barbecue Wings

    Wings don't have much meat, but what's there is choice, tender, moist and flavourful. Look for plump wings with smooth skin and no discolouration...

  10. Oven-Barbecued Wings

    With a crispy, sweet and tangy coating, these wings are guaranteed to be a huge success, so set out plenty of napkins and let everyone dig in.

  11. Hoisin Wings

    Hoisin chicken wings are a treat served either hot or cold. For a picnic, be sure to chill the chicken wings before packing into the cooler.

  12. Tandoori Wings

    Serve with Vegetable Crudites - Crispy Oven Fries.

  13. Mexican Hot Wings with Green Salsa

    The rich, smoky taste of chipotle peppers joins the fresh lively taste of salsa. The salsa's tomatillos, sometimes called Spanish or Mexican green...

  14. Sesame Hoisin Wings

    You can marinate and freeze these tasty wings ahead of time. (From the January, 2005 issue of Canadian Living Magazine.)

  15. Orange Ginger Wings

    Serve these wings around the campfire or as appetizers for deckside dining.

  16. Spanish Paprika Wings with Caper Lemon Mayonnaise

    Redolent with the fragrance of Spanish smoked paprika, these wings are quite tame compared to the others. Mild version: Omit cayenne pepper from...

  17. Korean Hot Wings with Garlicky Soy Dipping Sauce

    Little flecks of sesame seeds look attractive on these deep golden brown wings. Mild version: Omit cayenne pepper. Omit hot pepper flakes in...

  18. Indian Hot Wings with Mint Dipping Sauce

    Indian spice and soothing mint-yogurt dipping sauce make a delicious pairing. Mild version: Use mild curry paste and omit jalape?epper in the Mint...

  19. Parmesan Mustard Wings

    Like Randy Green, advertising sales manager, the rest of The Hockey News staff loves chicken wings and beer. He especially enjoys the fact that...

  20. Orange-Glazed Teriyaki Wings

    Cut off wing tips at joint; discard tips. Separate wings at remaining joint; trim off excess skin. Place wings on rack on foil-lined rimmed baking...

  21. Baked Black Bean Wings

    Trim off tips, excess skin and fat from chicken wings; separate at joint. In bowl, whisk Splenda® Granular, black bean sauce, soy sauce, sesame...

  22. Thai Coconut Lime Wings

    Tropical Thai flavours give a new twist to wings. Be sure to use regular (not light) coconut milk in order for it to reduce properly. Garnish with...

  23. Crunchy Devilish Wings

    Lemon wedges, a bottle of hot sauce and plenty of napkins are the only accompaniments needed. These are also delicious served cold for lunch the...

  24. Caribbean Spiced Wings

    Incorporating island flavours, such as citrus, nutmeg and thyme, these wings put a taste of the tropics on your table.

  25. Cornmeal-Coated Wings with Blue Cheese Dip

    A miniature version of Southern fried chicken, these breaded wings bake up crunchy and golden. Along with the blue cheese dip, add some raw celery...