How to cook granola

To discover how to cook granola, see the following recipes which will give you various ways to cook and prepare granola.
  1. Granola Bars

    This recipe is a favourite of the Mildmay Carrick Public School Morning Munchers Breakfast Program.

  2. Wickaninnish Inn Granola

    Even something as familiar as granola is dramatically more delicious at the inn. Serve with homemade vanilla yogurt topping or store-bought.

  3. Chewy Granola Bars

    Store-bought granola bars sound healthy but at times they are no better than a chocolate bar. Why not make your own? They are great to add to your...

  4. Sunflower Seed Granola Bars

    Granola bars make a great snack at any time. You can wrap and freeze them separately for up to one month to pop into lunches in the morning.

  5. Peanut Butter Granola

    Although this crunchy cereal isn't a low-calorie version of granola, the heart-healthy monounsaturated fats found in peanut butter and almonds make...

  6. Granola Parfaits

    This sweet, crunchy layered parfait seems almost like a dessert. However, packed with vitamins, calcium, protein and fibre, this is a healthy and...

  7. Cranberry Blueberry Granola

    Water replaces extra fat and helps bake the granola into attractive clumps that crisp up as they dry. Enjoy this granola out of hand and sprinkled...

  8. Toasted Granola

    Flecked with colourful fruit, this crunchy granola is great any time of day. However, top it with ricotta, yogurt or milk and it's a perfect...

  9. Island Lake Granola

    This granola is a mainstay at the breakfast buffet in the lodge and is delicious with fresh fruit and yogurt. Enjoyed on its own as a light...

  10. Fruit and Almond Granola

    In large saucepan, heat apple juice, peanut butter, SPLENDA® Granulated, honey, cinnamon and salt over medium heat until peanut butter is melted....

  11. Rice Krispies® Fruit and Nut Granola Bars

    In large bowl, combine rolled oats, Rice Krispies®, raisins, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and almonds. In saucepan, bring corn syrup, honey and...

  12. Date Granola Bar

    Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C). Lightly grease a 7 x 11 inch (18 cm x 28 cm) baking pan. Place the dates in a small pan with 2 tbsp water,...

  13. Peanut Butter Granola Bars

    Granola bars make a great snack at any time. You can wrap and freeze them separately for up to one month to pop into lunches in the morning.

  14. Fruit-and-Nut Granola

    This recipe from my sister Rochelle is now part of our breakfast repertoire. Enjoy it with milk or sprinkled over yogurt.

  15. Toasted Oat Granola Bars

    Toasting the oats and coconut adds a tasty twist to fruit-and-seed bars.

  16. Tropical Granola Clusters with Brazil Nuts

    Although known as nuts, Brazil nuts are considered by botanists to be seeds, as their meat is separate from their shells.

  17. Campfire Crumble

    A little smoky flavour adds authenticity to a tasty dessert cooked over the fire or a camp-stove burner. Use any dried fruit you like (small fruit...

  18. Berry Breakfast Sundaes

    Individually quick frozen (IQF) berry mixes are a great way to enjoy summer fruit all year long. Look for brands such as Europe's Best for the best...

  19. Kids' Do-It-Yourself Ice Cream Bar

    Check out how simple it is to make your own ice cream bar in Canadian Living's Test Kitchen Video.

  20. Rhubarb Raspberry Breakfast Parfaits

    Spring rhubarb, raspberries, granola and yogurt make an appealing presentation.