How to cook pork chops

To discover how to cook pork chops, see the following recipes which will give you various ways to cook and prepare this meat.
  1. Lemon Olive Pork Chops

  2. Oven-Barbecued Pork Chops

    Fill your kitchen with the aroma of sweet chili sauce and bubbling onions from this hearty meal with family appeal.

  3. One-Pot Rice and Pork Chops

    In bowl, mix together half of the parsley, the garlic, cumin, salt, pepper and cayenne; rub over chops. In Dutch oven, heat oil over medium-high...

  4. Tangy Glaze Pork Chops

    Add an eastern Mediterranean touch with pomegranate molasses or syrup, a staple of the Middle Eastern kitchen. It has a slightly bitter, fruity...

  5. Almond Orange Pork Chops

    The extra sauce is delicious spooned over parsley-sprinkled new potatoes. Serve with New Potatoes — Green Beans — Iceberg Wedges

  6. Easy Tomato Pork Chops

    This dish needs no attention as it slowly simmers to succulence in the oven. Caroline makes all 10 chops called for so that her husband has a few...

  7. Grilled Dijon Herb Pork Chops

    Serve with grilled vegetables and Garlic Sweet Potato Fans (see recipe link below).

  8. Romano Pork Chops

    Trim fat from chops. One at a time, place chops between waxed paper and pound with mallet to about 1/4-inch (5 mm) thickness. On plate, mix...

  9. Barbecued Peach Pork Chops

    Serve these chops with beans and mashed potatoes for an easy, crowd-winning meal.

  10. Grilled Ginger Pork Chops

    Serve with new potatoes and our Broccoli Carrot Packet (see recipe link below).

  11. Honey Ginger Pork Chops

    Serve with Long-Grain Rice and Asian Brussels Sprouts Toss (see recipes below).

  12. Pork Chops and Chutney

    Serve with Smashed Potatoes (see recipe links below).

  13. Easy Herbed Pork Chops

    Serve with: Red Cabbage Salad, New Potatoes

  14. Orange-Glazed Pork Chops

    Tender, juicy pork chops with a sweet orange glaze are on the table in 10 minutes flat. Serve them with noodles or whole grain rice and any green...

  15. Maple-Glazed Pork Chops

    Serve with snow peas and our Vegetable Packet (see recipe link below).

  16. Pork Chops with Glazed Carrots

    Serve with Whole Wheat Couscous,

  17. Pork Chops Parmesan

    Serve with Parmesan Parsley Polenta and steamed asparagus.

  18. Lemon Thyme Pork Chops

    Be sure to trim the excess fat off the chops, which causes flare-ups that will char them.

  19. Pork Chops with Button Mushrooms

    There's no need for cream in this mushroom sauce because the flavourful stock-based sauce gets its slight thickness from the flour used to coat the...

  20. Cajun Marinated Pork Chops

    Freeze these savoury chops right in the marinade so they're ready and waiting to pop into the oven along with baking potatoes and squash wedges.

  21. Jerk Pork Chops

    Start the school year off right with our Make It Tonight healthy supper solutions - ready in less than 30 minutes. This one is from the September...

  22. Mushroom-Stuffed Pork Chops

    A golden filling and flavourful sauce elevate these golden chops to a dish good enough for company. (From "Chop! Chop!" in the November 2005 issue...

  23. Chili-Rubbed Pork Chops

    Livened up with a touch of spice, simple chops are tasty and succulent. Serve with the Grilled Coleslaw, which you can start by grilling the...

  24. Spice-Rubbed Pork Chops with Chickpea Simmer

    Pork chops for dinner? Give 'em a kick with a zesty blend of spices.

  25. Mustard Honey Pork Chops

    Sweet yet tangy pork chops appeal to everyone in the family. They need only whole grain rice and your favourite steamed vegetable to fill the plate.