How to cook trout

To discover how to cook trout, see the following recipes which will give you various ways to cook and prepare this fish and seafood.
  1. Lemon Thyme Rainbow Trout

    From start to finish, these fillets are ready in less than 15 minutes, so begin by baking squash slices in the oven, then putting on a pot of water...

  2. Trout with Lime

    Skillet-bronzed fish accented with a squeeze of fresh lime and the crunch of green onions makes a quick, delicious meal that needs only a minimum...

  3. Over-the-Rainbow Chili-Grilled Trout

    Serve with Lemon Potatoes (recipe link below) and peas. Grill the potatoes first, then add the fish during the last 10 minutes of cooking time....

  4. Apple Trout Fillets

    The flavours of tart mustard and sweet apple combine into the perfect brushing sauce for the fish. Serve with a crunchy, fresh green-bean salad and...

  5. Trout with Pink Peppercorn and Tarragon Butter

    Herbed butters are traditional accompaniments to grilled fish, and the tarragon in this one goes especially well with trout or salmon. For this...

  6. Herb-Roasted Trout with Sweet Potato Frites

    Serve with Sweet Potato Frites and lemon wedges.

  7. Trout Gremolada

    Colourful Yellow Tomato Toasts and easy-to-make Barbecued Mini-Potatoes (see recipe links below) round out this summerfresh meal.

  8. Broiled Trout with Lemon Onion Drizzle and Parmesan-Crusted Tomatoes

    Arrange trout, skin side down, on greased broiling pan. Brush with 1 tbsp (15 mL) of the oil; sprinkle with salt and pepper. Broil until fish...

  9. Cajun Rainbow Trout

    This spice blend adds a little southern heat to farm-raised trout fillets.  It's also delicious on salmon, chicken or steak.

  10. Dill Grilled Trout

    Serve with grilled zucchini and pepper and Barley Salad with Tomatoes and Corn (see recipe link below).

  11. Grilled Trout with Radish Slaw

    Serve with: Sautéed Spinach and Micro-Grilled New Potatoes

  12. Trout with Crunchy Cucumber Salad

    Place fillets on greased or foil-lined rimmed baking sheet. Brush with teriyaki sauce; sprinkle with sesame seeds. Broil until fish flakes easily...

  13. Roasted Mustard Lake Trout

    When you're hungry after a day's fishing (or a day at work) and you want to eat fast, this 10-minute glazed fish is just the ticket. Serve with...

  14. Cornmeal-Crusted Rainbow Trout Sandwiches

    In this recipe, we drain the bacon fat out of the pan and fry the fish in vegetable oil. For a more pronounced bacon flavour, you can use the bacon...

  15. Grilled Whole Lake Trout with Fennel Salad

    Fresh fennel adds a highly complementary licorice note to fish. If you have any leftover, slice it to add to a green salad. You can use skin-on...

  16. 15-Minute Roasted Trout

    You can always find fresh parsley at the grocery store. Pick up a bunch for a lively gremolada that dresses up healthy roasted trout.

  17. Rainbow Trout with Dijon Mayonnaise

    Try this healthy supper solution -- ready in 15 minutes -- from our monthly Make It Tonight collection of rush hour recipes.

  18. Glazed Trout Fillets

    Pat fillets dry; arrange, skin side down, on plate. In bowl, stir apple concentrate, mustard, vinegar, paprika, pepper and salt ; brush some of the...

  19. Penne with Smoked Trout and Asparagus

    This simple combination of fresh vegetables and smoked fish makes a wonderful lunch or light supper, and the best part is that it's so easy to make.

  20. Smoked Trout Spread

    Pack flatbreads, crackers or vegetables to enjoy with this paté like spread once you arrive at your destination.

  21. Poached Trout with Parsley Sauce

    Parsley partners perfectly with poached fish, chicken or vegetables. Jalapeno peppers vary in strength; if yours is mild, you may choose to add the...

  22. Smoked Trout Roll-Ups

    Smoked trout, with the skin still on, retains moistness and has a mild sweet flavour and flaky texture. If you can't find it, smoked salmon or...

  23. Lemon Dill Trout

    Other mild fish, such as haddock or tilapia, are also excellent for this dish.

  24. Rainbow Trout en Papillote

    Serve with: Lemon rice

  25. Grilled Trout with Tomato Tomatillo Salsa

    Lake trout has gathered many names across the country, such as grey trout and salmon trout. But no matter what it's called, it's ideal for the...

  26. Whole Trout on Lemon Pepper Greens

    The flesh of lake trout can range from flesh tones to deep pink. The brighter colour comes from the amount of small freshwater crustaceans...