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8 ways to enjoy the outdoors with your family

8 ways to enjoy the outdoors with your family

Life & Relationships

8 ways to enjoy the outdoors with your family


The first signs of spring are here, and the whole family just wants to escape outside! Here are eight activities to help you make the most of those beautiful spring days.

Go canoeing

Paddling as a family can be great fun; from toddlers to teens, everyone can admire the beauty of nature while getting a big dose of fresh air.


Have a picnic in the sun


As soon as the sun comes out, so should the picnic basket! The secret to a good outdoor meal is to pack a delicious and easy-to-prepare lunch. For a yummy surprise, try a blind taste test of the various The Laughing Cow cheese flavours.  


Watch the sunrise

Forget the routine! Get the household to rise and shine at dawn to catch the sunrise. Be it from an observatory, a park, a bridge or the water, the important thing is to enjoy the here and now.


Escape to the outdoors

Take a guided hike through a wildlife preserve, go for a climb in a national park, or delight in breathtaking views and enjoy a tasty break with a wedge or two of The Laughing Cow, Garlic & Fine Herbs cheese… so many ways to welcome spring’s awakening!


Go mushroom hunting

Why not transform a walk in the forest into a treasure hunt for the whole family? The appearance of morels is the perfect occasion to try your hand at mycology so you can discover the taste of freshly-picked mushrooms.   


Grow an herb garden

With spring comes the joy of growing basil, thyme or chives in your garden or on a sunny windowsill. Especially when you enlist the help of young budding gardeners!  


Plan a photo-safari bike ride

Accompany the little ones (to the park) or the older ones (around the city) to photograph the first signs of spring, such as flowers, bugs, food trucks and coffeehouse patios. The possibilities abound!


Visit a farm

The perfect family outing: milk a goat, pet an alpaca, go for a hayride, discover local products and head home with unforgettable memories.  


Share in the freshness

Conveniently packaged to be enjoyed as a spread or on its own, The Laughing Cow, Garlic & Fine Herbs cheese guarantees a moment of freshness at snack time. 

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Life & Relationships

8 ways to enjoy the outdoors with your family