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6 ways to find the Christmas spirit

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6 ways to find the Christmas spirit

It's already December and it seems everyone around you is crazy for Christmas. But whether it's the economy, work stress, family problems or just general burnout, you're having a hard time catching the Christmas spirit. Here are six ways to start enjoying the Christmas season.

1. Hit the shops
Whether you're window-shopping or bargain hunting, it's hard to avoid the Christmas spirit when you're in the middle of the mall. From the Salvation Army kettle to Santa's mid-mall throne to the endless carols belted out over the sound system, being in the thick of it can help you get in the mood for giving.

2. Read a story
Whether you steal away on your own for a few quiet minutes to re-read the story of Christmas in your family bible or sit down with the kids and a Christmas story book, the stories of Christmases past and present are a powerful reminder of the reason for the season. Reading classic Christmas stories that you enjoyed as a child will help bring back your happy memories of Christmas.

3. Crank out the crafts
Nothing takes your mind off your worries like focusing on creating something beautiful for someone you love. Make some Christmas crafts for others or decorate your home for the season. Try knitted stockings, rectangular wreaths, a tree topper and tree charms to get your creative juices — and your holiday spirit — flowing.

4. Give to charity
This is a great time to clean out your closet and pantry and send clothing, house wares and food to local charities. The benefit here is two-fold: you'll feel lighter and be better organized without the clutter of things you no longer use. Plus you will feel great for passing along items to those less fortunate. You'll realize that it is truly in giving that you receive.

5. Bake up a storm
Nothing triggers your memory like scent, and the smell of a favourite family holiday recipe can send you right back to the Christmas excitement of your childhood. There's no better way to conjure these happy memories than by digging out recipes that have been handed down through generations and baking up a storm. Looking to add some new treats to your recipe file? Try Christmas Cherry Spirals, Dark Christmas Cakeand Christmas Chocolate Almond Toffee.

6. Head to church
Whether you're a weekly visitor or haven't been in years, a visit to your church can help you find some inner peace in a notoriously hectic season. Seeing the altar decorated for Christmas, hearing holiday hymns, going to confession and taking communion will help you feel renewed and ready to rejoice on Christmas day.

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6 ways to find the Christmas spirit