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Heather's Picks: Best books to read this fall

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Heather's Picks: Best books to read this fall

I am often asked if I really do pick Heather's Picks. Let me share that the answer is an unequivocal yes. Every Heather's Pick really is a book that I have loved and felt the need to share. With so many incredible books coming out this fall, there is no better way to celebrate the season—and the cooler weather it brings—than to get swept up in a truly great story. My picks for fall are insightful, thought-provoking, eloquent and moving. I hope you'll agree.
Each of these books engaged me in different ways. The first two picks are novels, while the last two books are memoirs, though they read like fiction. These titles will grab you from the very first page and will keep you captivated until the closing chapter.

The Illegal

The Illegal by Lawrence Hill
In a plot that is all too relevant to today, Lawrence Hill's latest novel shares the story of a young African man, a refugee, who struggles to forge a path for himself in a land of prosperity while avoiding forced deportation. Fast-paced and gripping, the book urges all of us to think about those who are so often—and unforgivingly—forgotten.
My Brilliant Friend

My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante
When I first started this book, a translation from the author's native Italian, I simply needed to know who wrote it. I soon learned that Elena Ferrante, one of the most respected authors of her generation, exists only as a pen name, as she refuses to reveal her true identity. The tale she has spun in My Brilliant Friend is one you will find yourself wrapped up in, lost in the outskirts of 1950s Naples, as two best friends grow and lean on each other in times of monumental change.
The Art of Stillness

The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere by Pico Iyer
I have recently become very interested in the subject of mindfulness and meditation. Pico Iyer's book, my latest Heather's Pick, investigates the lives of influential people who set aside time to simply be—including one of my favourite authors and singer-songwriters of all time, the brilliant Leonard Cohen. Once you read this book, you will understand why I believe so strongly in " unplugging."

This Is Happy by Camilla Gibb
To write a truly great memoir first requires a tremendous amount of honesty. Prepare yourself for a journey that is equal parts honest, fearless and intimate, that takes us on a journey from Canada to around the world and back again, in an exploration of love, forgiveness, heartbreak and healing. It is a book I am proud to call a Heather's Pick, and one I simply can't stop talking about.

Hemingway in Love

Hemingway in Love by A.E. Hotchner
This is the quintessential fall book for lovers of literature. For many of us, Hemingway is the image of stoicism. A turn-of-the-century writer who wrote as often as he drank, Hemingway confided in only one man that we know of: A.E. Hotchner, a friend of Hemingway's for more than a decade, and the author of this memoir. In many of Hemingway's own words, Hotchner tells of the affairs and mischief that made the man a legend. Hotchner's well-crafted book shines light on the Hemingway no one knew existed – a man conflicted and introspective, humble and full of remorse. What an incredible read.

Need more books to read this fall? Mindy Kaling and John Irving both have new books out. 


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Heather's Picks: Best books to read this fall