How to choose a thoughtful gift for Father's Day

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How to choose a thoughtful gift for Father's Day

This year, we're taking the guesswork out of Father's Day gift-giving by suggesting you stop giving and start doing – or at least find the right balance between both. This year your dad probably wants nothing more than to spend some time with you, which is an easy gift to give.

Great gifts take extra effort
It's one thing to wrap up a cookbook you think your dad will love. It's a whole other ballgame to find a great cookbook, choose a recipe, pick up all of the ingredients and make it for your special guy on Father's Day.

Any gift you can enjoy together is better than a get-it-and-forget-it item that could just end up on a shelf or in a drawer. Take some initiative and plan an outing or at least help your father set up whatever it is you get him, so that it's ready to go and he doesn't have to prepare anything before he uses your gift.

From new dads to old

Whether you're shopping for a brand-new dad, a seasoned veteran or a grandfather, all dads love to show off their families. Consider variations on the classic "No. 1 Dad" mug or sentimental gifts that will touch his heart. Anything personalized gets bonus points!

For new dads: Matching T-shirt and onesie sets for daddy and his new baby make for great photo opportunities.

For grandfathers: Think about the games or activities your dad loved to play or help out with when you were a kid, then find something similar that he can introduce his grandchildren to. The grandkids will remember it forever and your dad will appreciate that you remembered playing with him when you were a kid.

For all dads: Play up their hobbies and interests. Father's Day isn't the time to get your dad to try something new. Get him a gift he'll really enjoy, whether it's a new fishing lure for his collection (and some company on the lake) or a book he'll want to start reading right away.

Happy Father's Day! We picked out 10 thoughtful Father's Day gifts under $50! You can also find gifts for foodie dads and a tonne of other ideas on our Father's Day special page.


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How to choose a thoughtful gift for Father's Day