Mother's Day gift ideas

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Mother's Day gift ideas

For most of us she's the most special woman in our lives. So why, when it comes to Mother's Day, do we grab a bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates, telling ourselves that next year we'll do better?

Personal shopper and co-founder of Vancouver's successful Creative Concierge, Kathy Ripley says finding a perfect gift should be a breeze, whatever your Mom's personality -- you just need a little imagination.

Traditional Mom
For Moms who appreciate conventional things one of these is sure to win:
• Floral -- If your Mom really does love plant life why not try a small tree? If she lives in an apartment, try a Bonsai tree, but if you feel you can only say it with a standard bouquet, find out what flower is significant to her (for example her birth month flower) to make it really special.

Mile-a-minute Mom
Many Moms are so busy thinking of everyone else that they forget about pampering themselves:
• Breakfast in bed -- An oldie but a goldie. It's easy, inexpensive and sure to put a smile on any woman's face.
• Spa treatment -- Check with local spas for Mother's Day specials you can both indulge in.
• Surprise Mom with a night out: the theatre, movies, something you would enjoy together.

Fly by the seat of her pants Mom
Not every woman loses her zest for adventure when she becomes a Mom, so if yours enjoys a thrill:
• Adrenaline junkie moms will revel in a day of extreme sports; why not try Scuba diving, rock climbing or if that's too much for you how about kayaking or a hot air balloon ride.

Practical makes perfect Mom
Some Moms don't have a frivolous bone in their body, so why not:
• Find out her hobbies and enroll you both in a night class -- if that's too time consuming get her some good books on the subject.
• How about a hands free cell phone set or spill-proof travel mug to make her life easier.

Easy to please Mom
These Moms always get neglected so it's important to go that extra mile to make them feel extra-special:
• The gift of time -- What this Mom adores most is being with you, so take the time to plan a special day for you both: shopping, a picnic in the park, a rambling walk. Think of your Mom's favourite things and share them together -- she'll be delighted with your consideration.

Final tips:
Put thought into it -- an old cliché but true. Pay attention to conversations you have with your Mom and sound her out for ideas -- you'll be amazed at the ideas you'll come up with. At the end of the day you don't have to blow your budget, you just have to make her feel special...Good luck!

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Mother's Day gift ideas