Mother's Day gifts: Make it a happy Mother's Day with these great gift ideas

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Mother's Day gifts: Make it a happy Mother's Day with these great gift ideas

As you prepare to say, "Gee, thanks, Mom!" on Mother's Day this year, consider all the ways you can make her feel special. Whether you choose a gift from the heart or from the store, Mom is sure to appreciate your gesture of love and gratitude.

9 gifts from the heart

1. Afternoon tea

Sometimes nothing means more to Mom than the gift of your time. Expensive presents can't replace the pleasure of your company. This year, simply spend the afternoon with your Mom, bonding and reconnecting over a cup of tea or coffee. Finding the time in your busy schedule to just sit and chat will mean a lot to her.

2. Get Mom hooked up online
Depending on your mother's age, she may still be leery of online activities. Spend the afternoon with her setting up accounts on sites that'll help you both stay connected. A Facebook or Flickr profile can help you to share family photos more easily with her. Or, if she's interested in learning how to do her banking online or shop for groceries online, help her get set up.

3. Write Mom a letter
Or a poem. No need to get fancy, but putting your sentiments down on paper will give your Mom a lasting gift she can read over and over (especially the next time you two butt heads).

4. Handmade cards
Gather the kids for a day of crafting some handmade cards for Mom. Armed with construction paper, scissors, crayons, pipe cleaners and sparkles, you never know what they’ll come up with. What you do know is that these cards will be cherished treasures for years to come.

5. Flowers from your garden
No need to dish out tons of cash on overpriced flowers. Handpick a selection of favourites from your very own garden and surprise Mom with a beautiful and bountiful bouquet.

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6. Make Mom dinner
Or order in. Whichever option you choose is fine as long as Mom doesn't have to lift a finger to prepare it -- or clean up.

7. Do Mom's errands
Find out what odd jobs Mom needs done around the house, and scratch them off her to-do list. Whether it's doing some groceries or some gardening, or changing a light bulb or an air filter, find out what chores you can do to make her life a little easier.

8. Update Mom's mp3 player and music library
Chances are, she just doesn't have time to update her mp3 player with her new favourite songs and delete those ones she’s tired of listening to. Clean out files Mom no longer wants and bring her music library up to date. Add in a few songs that are especially from you to her.

9. Enjoy a spring picnic
Pack up a basket with sandwiches, drinks and a sweet treat for dessert and head out with Mom. A Sunday afternoon in the park? She's sure to love it.

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Mother's Day gifts: Make it a happy Mother's Day with these great gift ideas