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Can you make a million working from home?

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Money & Career

Can you make a million working from home?

Many Canadians are trying to find innovative ways to keep their financial futures stable. One trend that's making a big comeback? Home-based businesses.

Taking control of your own success is the most reliable route to job security these days and no one is more aware of this than Lethbridge, Alberta-based mother and daughter entrepreneurs, Marilyn and Sarah Stewart.

The pair – who are the only Canadians profiled in Maureen G. Mulvaney's new book Women's Millionaire Club (Gratitude Publishing) – have created an über-successful home-based distribution business. They work in partnership with ForeverGreen, a network marketing organization that touts the sale of health and wellness products from organic skin care to natural supplements.

In an interview with contributor Lara Ceroni, they share the secrets of how they built their lucrative empire, one dollar at a time.

Lara Ceroni: Marilyn, you left a marriage of 25 years and had to support three daughters on your own. What were some of the biggest challenges you faced being single again, both personally and financially?

Marilyn Stewart: I had so many fears early on, from feelings of loneliness, to poverty to the judgment from my family and community. The financial challenges were huge! I was personally earning enough to pay the bills, but nothing was secure. My two oldest daughters were both in post-secondary education and Sarah (with whom I work with now) had big dreams of going to design school in California. My financial situation seemed impossible, but I have always believed in the power of intention: if you are willing to do whatever it takes to make things happen then eventually they will.

Lara Ceroni:
How did the idea of becoming home-based entrepreneurs come about?

Marilyn: It wasn't until my divorce that I decided to jump into network marketing as a business venture. I realized the income opportunities were limitless and working from home fit into my lifestyle perfectly. This system allows you to earn on the efforts of others. Through volume of product sales, we are paid through the mother company ForeverGreen. There is no ceiling on the income that can be achieved. Anyone can join and begin building their business.

When my mom started with ForeverGreen, I supported her decision and before I knew it, I had also fallen in love with the company's philosophy and business perspective. Compared to traditional business, this venture allowed me the freedom to make choices that fit my lifestyle. I have full control of my financial future.

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Lara Ceroni: We have to know: Are you both qualified as certifiable millionaires?

Marilyn: (laughs) Together as business partners we are blessed with an abundant income. We found a company we love! There is no magic formula to success, really. When you align yourself with a company that has integrity, you naturally have this passion and enthusiasm that sells.

Lara Ceroni:
What advice do you have for women who are looking to start a new career or gain financial success?

Marilyn: Dream big! Love what you do, be passionate about your business and the product you work with. Your actions must follow your intentions – be willing to put in the sweat and tears to create success. No one makes a million overnight! Because you are in control of your success, you need to constantly remain creative in your approach. Turn obstacles into opportunities and creative ideas into tangible results.

Lara Ceroni:
Given the current economic situation, how do you maintain a strong business?

We are very aware of the economic state of our country and across the globe, however we do not make it an excuse to fail. We stay ahead of the trends and fads in our industry and work with a business model that is timeless. People are looking to regain control of their financial security. You cannot wait for the government to bail you out – you need to bail yourself out!

Lara Ceroni: How is it working as mother-daughter business partners?

Magnificent! We allow our qualities to drive the business to success. I bring the wisdom, teaching and experience whereas Sarah has the youthful vision of new possibilities.

Sarah: My mom has always been a mentor and an amazing role model to me. I couldn't imagine doing this with anyone else. People mistake us for being sisters all the time. I definitely keep her young!

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Money & Career

Can you make a million working from home?