5 awesome gadgets for cats

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5 awesome gadgets for cats

If you're a cat-lover, you know that there is something really special about the love you have for your feline companion. And for those of us who really love our furry friends, how do we show that love? By showering our cats with gifts, of course!

These days, a rise in feline-friendly technology and gadgets for cats means that there are all sorts of things we can buy to improve the lives of our pets, how we relate to them, and the ways that they fit into our modern lives. 

Here are some of the most fun gadgets for cats:

1. The iPad
Likely the most expensive cat toy you could possibly bestow upon your buddy is the iPad (starting at $519 for the newest version). There are a number of iPad apps designed specifically for cats.

These games generally involve an object moving across the screen that your spoiled puss then swats, being gratified by some kind of noise when they catch the "mouse" or whatever object they're chasing. These cat apps are extremely popular -- just search for 'cats and iPads' on YouTube to see videos of cats going high tech and loving it. But be warned: By giving your cat access to your iPad, you may have difficulty keeping them away from it!

2. The Frolicat Bolt
Cats go crazy for laser pointers and this funny-looking unit projects random laser patterns on the floor to give your kitty a real workout. The unit looks a little like an alien drone of some kind, and could easily become your pussycat's arch nemesis. This device is super handy if you've got a young kitty that demands a lot of attention while you're trying to get stuff done (or if you need to distract them from your iPad so you can actually use it; you did pay for it, after all!), and retails for the modest price of $20, making it a worthy investment.
3. The Pet Loc8tor
Are you always losing your cat in your apartment or just outside your house? Then this radio frequency-based location device could be very useful indeed. However, if your cat is a real wanderer, then a tracking capacity of 400 metres might not be much use.

The Pet Loc8tor costs $100, and a more deluxe model, which has a range of 600 metres and can be programmed to tell you when your cat moves out of a predetermined safe zone, costs $170. There are also a range of GPS devices on the market that will track your cat over longer distances, but the units are pretty bulky (and expensive) and may require your cat to develop strong neck muscles in order to actually carry the device around.

4. The Eyenimal Video Camera
This tiny video camera weighs just 35 grams and is easily attached to your cat's collar, enabling her to shoot 2.5 hours of video that you can then watch on your computer. If you've ever wondered what your cat actually gets up to when you're at work or asleep, then here's your chance to find out! Is your cat causing mischief all day or just taking really long naps? Is she breaking all the rules while you're not around (you know, like sleeping on the kitchen counter) or is she the most well behaved kitty in the world? The Eyenimal, which retails for $129, can answer all your burning questions!

5. The Cat Genie
For just under $300, this self-cleaning kitty litter box washes and dries itself, and reuses its own special cat litter. You need never touch cat poop again! The Cat Genie can be set up to work automatically every time your cat uses the facilities, which means that you won't have to deal with odour either. It resembles a regular toilet and it's a great idea if you've got the cash to splurge on this item.


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5 awesome gadgets for cats