Do pet owners make better partners?

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Do pet owners make better partners?

If you're looking for lasting love, you might want to consider eligible pet owners first, says relationship counselor and psychotherapist Kim Moffit.

Pet owners tend to have interpersonal traits that are essential to relationship success: they're generally loyal, responsible, secure and committed to a having a positive relationship with their pet, all of which make great qualities in romantic relationships.

Moffit has seen and heard the evidence first-hand from the pet owners at her private practice. "Pet owners practice the daily exercise of looking after their pets – through the fun and not-so-fun times – which is a sign of long-term commitment and a realistic outlook on relationships," she says.

Your choice of pet is a reflection on your values
The type of pet that you have can say a lot about you, says Moffit.

"Research has shown that dog owners and cat owners have significant personality differences," says Moffit. "Dog owners are more extroverted, agreeable and conscientious than the self-identified 'cat people,' while cat owners show more introverted traits than self-proclaimed 'dog people.'"

Pet owners have better general health
There are a couple reasons for this. As many pet owners know, having the constant company of your pet is a major stress-buster. How many times in a day does your puppy make you laugh, or how often does your kitty offer comfort after a long day? When stress plummets, there's also a drop in tension – and that can make for happier couples.

"Pet owners enjoy the benefit of being less stressed than people without pets, which can lead to less tension and fighting in the relationships," says Moffit.

But there's another side to it: Moffit says pet owners are more likely to be active and in good physical health than those without pets. They have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol, and are also proven to be more physically active, which leads to higher libido and greater intimacy – contributors to healthy, long-lasting love.

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Do pet owners make better partners?