Fun pets' games to play with your dog or cat

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Fun pets' games to play with your dog or cat

According to Canada's Pet Wellness Report, every day we spend almost three times as many minutes watching TV and twice as much time on the Internet as we do exercising our pets. Keeping dogs and cats fit is a key element in helping them live long and healthy lives. Here, Jim Berry, a veterinarian and Canadian Veterinary Medical Association executive, shares some easy activities for your furry friend.

6 fun games to play with your pets

1. Encourage your dog's agility
Set up an obstacle course (inside or out) so your pooch can climb ramps and jump fences.

2. Teach your dog how to track
Give your dog a physical and mental workout by having him track family members throughout the city or even just your neighbourhood. If the weather isn't cooperating, move the game inside and have him track you throughout the house.

3. Train your dog with a game of hide-and-seek
Not just for the kids, this game can be done inside or out and encourages your dog to return to your kids when called.

4. Play fetch with a crinkled-up newspaper
Although cats prefer the daily news, you can throw anything that moves for them to chase after.

5. Place a feather on a string
Hold this DIY contraption in your hand so your cat can play with the dangling end.

6. Climb up a cat tree
Place food on different levels so that your cat must climb to get her entire meal.

This story was originally titled "Pets-ercise" in the March 2012 issue.

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Fun pets' games to play with your dog or cat