Canadian winter: Love it or leave it!

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Canadian winter: Love it or leave it!

Winter weather getaways
Find a snow lover's paradise.

Cold Canadian winters don't mean that you have to hibernate during the chilly season embrace the frigid temps and get out there and have some fun! Canada is home to some world-class winter venues, but don't be afraid to think outside the border and consider a trip to the US or Europe. If you're dreaming of a winter wonderland, check out these fantastic, family friendly destinations for a snow lover's sojourn.

March Break madness
A cross-Canada camp guide.

It seems like families have just gotten back into daily routines after the holidays and March Break is already looming on the horizon. For most of us, the pressure is on to find fun, enriching activities that parents and kids can agree on. Whether it's to keep the kids occupied while school is out or to begin developing a new skill, families across the nation are snapping up spaces to keep cabin-crazy kids busy with fun, informative and educational camps.

Fun in the sun
Warm up this winter with a sun-filled getaway.

For many of us, the long Canadian winter is something to be bornethe price we pay for having enjoyed a sweet, hot summer. Why not help your family escape the winter doldrums and make a great escape? Whether by land, by sea or on wheels, plan an adventure the whole family will enjoy.

Sweeten the bitter cold
Escape the winter doldrums with a visit to a maple sugar bush.

Long, cold Canadian winters can lead to cabin fever -- frustrated kids and adults desperate for some outdoor fun. Shake off the winter blahs and take a family trip to visit a sugar bush. Learn about the history of maple syrup in Canada and take part in a traditional "sugaring off," and see how maple syrup is made. Then try some of our Test Kitchen's recipes in Tap into tradition and Get sweet on a Canadian tradition. It's a delightful way to spend the day that the whole family will enjoy.

For more fun winter activities, check out our winter family travel guide.


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Canadian winter: Love it or leave it!