Our Canada: Markham, Ont.

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Our Canada: Markham, Ont.

Markham makes me proud because...
There are tons of things I love about Markham which make me proud to live here, but my favourite three by far are the great multicultural community, the multitude of awesome restaurants, and the large selection of natural biking and walking trails that make Markham so beautiful!

You should check out...
I highly recommend trying the many restaurants around the city as well as visiting historic Main Street Unionville, which is a beautiful small heritage village to stroll and shop around, during both the winter and summer months.

You should eat at... (Not all of these are located within Markham but are very close to its border.)

Lobster King
This seafood restaurant became one of my favourites after I randomly walked in one day for lunch. They do an amazing job of perfectly cooking seafood, whether it's fish or shellfish. It is extremely worth the experience to come here and try one of their seafood set dinner courses.

369 Shanghai Dim Sum
This place serves Shanghai dishes with great quality. I grew up eating at this restaurant as it was always one of my family's favourites. I highly recommend the salty soy milk and one of their vegetable rice dishes.

Marathon Cafe
This is a new cafe that became popular several years ago due to their award-winning Hong Kong-style milk tea. Afternoon tea has always been a large part of my life and I am always on the lookout for a great cup of milk tea. This is one of my favourite joints to stop by for a slice of thick toast and a great cup of tea.

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Our Canada: Markham, Ont.