Winter driving wisdom

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Winter driving wisdom

Winter driving tips
Do you know how to recover from a skid? Should you keep up with the "flow" of traffic despite poor driving conditions? Sorting fact from fiction could save your car -- and your life. 

Spinning your wheels
A little too much gas around the corner, a patch of ice, an extra-heavy snowfall, and before you can say "gotta get those snow tires" you're in the ditch. Herer are a few strategies to get you through a jam that is, unfortunately, one of the not-so-pleasant aspects of the great Canadian winter.

Snow zone survival
Being prepared can mean the difference between an easy out or a long dark night freezing half to death. Don't leave the driveway without these winter car essentials, and be sure to put together an emergency kit for you, and your car.

Fender benders: Find out what to do in a crunch
Sometimes accidents just can't be avoided. Under pressure and in the aftermath of an accident, it's difficult to mentally checklist what you should do. You can minimize your panic and discomfort by organizing yourself in advance for the possibility of a minor car accident -- keep this checklist in your glove compartment.

Get the best price for car repairs
Should you go to your dealer or the local mechanic or body shop? Here's some advice from Lisa Christensen, author of Clueless About Cars.

Minimize your insurance costs
Your car insurance policy comes up for renewal and you gasp at the higher premiums (especially if you have been in an accident.) Here's how to get the best price.

Winterize your car
Cold temperatures can be hard on an engine, icy road conditions limit traction, gravel pits paint, salt rusts, and frost heave leaves damaging potholes on the road. In case you never quite got around to it in the fall, it's never too late to prevent a chilly roadside breakdown with these pointers.

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Winter driving wisdom