6 best wedding apps to make planning easier

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6 best wedding apps to make planning easier

Wedding planning, along with all the papers and lists that it generates, can be an organizational nightmare. Luckily, today's brides have a host of helpful apps to take much of the stress—and mess—out of planning the big day. Stay sane, efficient and in control with these six multitasking apps.

1. For finding reception music:
 Songza (free for both iPhone and Android devices)
Songza is a terrific app for streaming music to your smartphone or iPad, but it can also help you discover the perfect wedding tunes. Browsing couldn't be easier: Simply tap the concierge button and a comprehensive world of musical entertainment appears at your fingertips. Listen to various cuts, bookmark your favourite playlists or purchase the songs you like via iTunes. While the app doesn't feature a wedding category, you can find nuptial-worthy music by mood (celebratory, happy or seductive, for example) or activity (cocktail party, romantic evening, formal dinner party). Additional categories include music by decade and cutely labelled playlists such as "Your Own Indie Rom-Com" and "Seductive Soul."  

2. For inspiration: Pinterest (free for both iPhone and Android)
If surfing the web for wedding ideas leaves you overwhelmed and disorganized, let Pinterest save your sanity. This free app (and its corresponding website) is an addictive online scrapbook/bulletin board that offers users a simple way to collect inspiration. You'll find an unlimited selection of images corralled into categories such as gifts, food, DIY/crafts, hair and beauty, and travel. There's even a wedding category that's overflowing with photos of cakes, dresses, decorations and honeymoon ideas. Set up your own account and start pinning your favourites to create your own inspiration boards. You can also follow brides-to-be with similar styles and sign up for daily inspiration.

3. For planning: iWedding Deluxe ($4.99 for iPhone) or Wedding Organizer Deluxe ($1.60 for Android)
Juggling budgets, to-do lists, RSVP statuses, seating plans and vendor details can turn a beloved fiancée into a cranky bridezilla. Thankfully there are two apps—iWedding Deluxe for iPhone, and Wedding Organizer Deluxe for Android—that remove the paper clutter and keep your wedding on schedule. Track your expenditures, guest list, seating plans and wedding timeline with ease. Best of all, you'll have every wedding detail in the palm of your hand 24/7. Hello, peace of mind; goodbye, panic attacks!

If you'd prefer a free app that works for both iPhone and Android, try Evernote. Many women already use this organizational app to manage their daily schedules. Why not put it to work for planning your wedding? Capture web pages, make notes, create to-do lists and sync it all to your computer.

4. For keeping everyone in the loop: Appy Couple ($28 one-time fee for both iPhone and Android)
Now there's no excuse for your friends and family to be left in the dark about the details surrounding your big day. Tech-savvy brides-to-be are relying on the Appy Couple to give their guests the 411 on their weddings. For a one-time set-up fee of $28, you can create a personalized app that allows you to send save-the-date and invite emails, build your guest list and share information about your gift registry, wedding party and event, like date, maps and directions. When your guests download the app and enter the unique access code you provide, they'll be privy to all your plans—for free. They can even RSVP through the app. It's simple, easy and an all-in-one "appy" place!

5. For photo sharing: Wedding Party (free for both iPhone and Android)
This free app lets you create a private destination for all your wedding photos and videos. Here's how it works: Invite your wedding guests to download this app to their phones. When they snap photos at your bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding day, they can share their images with you via the free Wedding Party app. You'll end up with photos that you may have otherwise missed, and your guests will feel involved by contributing their snaps to your collection.

6. For booking your honeymoon: Kayak (free for both iPhone and Android)
Weddings are expensive, so saving cash along is a welcome bonus. Thanks to the free Kayak app, couples can find honeymoon bargains on flights, car rentals and accommodations. Saving you time and money, Kayak searches through hundreds of travel sites to pin down the best-priced vacations that suit your criteria. Once you've found the trip of a lifetime, Kayak will transfer you to an online booking site to purchase your honeymoon. Fast and easy, now all you have to worry about is what to pack!

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6 best wedding apps to make planning easier