What does your bra colour say about you?

Your choice of bra colour can reveal a lot about your personality. Here's how.

Black and skin tone bras
While very few people actually get to see your bra (presumably – we're not judging!), it may hold the secret to your personality. We're not talking size or style, here: we're talking colour.

Your colour choices say a lot about you – and that goes double for your bra. It's body-conscious, private and you have carte blanche to go with whatever hues grab you. Because bra colours aren't driven by trends so much as personal preferences, your chosen colours reveal a lot more about your personality than, say, the rinse of your jeans or the colour of your purse.

Find your most commonly chosen bra colour below and see what it reveals about you.

Your most common bra colour is black
: You're a savvy, modern woman. You probably rock a trend-driven wardrobe and, while you may be into the arts, you're an eminently practical sort. You know black makes for a versatile foundation garment: It disappears under chic black LBDs and shirts alike, but is also stylishly rock-and-roll peeking out from a white tank or tee.

Shimmery satin or a jacquard fabric means you have a touch of the vixen in you. Matte satin or stretch cotton shows you as a sporty, outdoorsy type.

Your most common bra colour is skin tone: Whether peach, beige or mocha, if you match your bra to your skin tone, you're a practical woman. You like to create a polished, put-together appearance, and accomplish that by eliminating tell-tale brassiere peek-through, whether you're dressed for the office or the weekend. You like to plan ahead, stay organized, and keep on track.

That said, you cut loose when you feel like it. You're a karaoke superstar (you probably have a couple failsafe tunes you bust out because you know you rock 'em) and love a good game of soccer or volleyball.

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