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  • 5 delicious summer cocktails from Saskatoon

    Who knew that our affable Prairie city of Saskatoon could produce some of the best summery cocktails in the country? Kudos to Ayden Kitchen & Bar for this thirst-quenching roundup.

  • 5 amazing West Coast dishes from Tofino, British Columbia

    Get inspired by these West Coast dishes (made with local ingredients) from SoBo restaurant in Tofino, British Columbia.

  • 4 of Canada's best summer music festivals

    Summer is the season for music to come alive -- out loud and outdoors. In the past decade, Canada has become host to some internationally renowned festivals that draw incredible musicians from all over the world. Here are four of the best music fests Canada has to offer.

  • 6 ways to celebrate the Summer Solstice

    Looking to celebrate the arrival of a fruitful season? Here are six traditional ideas to help welcome the Summer Solstice on June 21.

  • East Coast vs. West Coast: Which Canadian coast is the best?

    In a battle between east and west, which coast would win? We asked two coastal comedians to settle the score.

  • The Canadian butter tart wars

    How Canada’s greatest culinary invention—the butter tart—sparked a regional feud that nearly ended up in court.

  • 7 best butter tarts in Ontario

    The butter tart wars is a good thing for butter tart lovers, who can visit both Wellington North and Kawarthas Northumberland to sample the best butter tarts Ontario has to offer.

  • Great books for summer getaways

    Whether you're driving to the coast, taking off to a cottage or campsite, or just doing a day trip to the beach, a great book will make your trip. Pack one of these great summer reads from Canadian authors to complete your perfect getaway.