Best Canadian blogs

From food to fashion to pet care: discover 25 great Canadian blogs that will engage, entertain and inspire you.

Food, style, home and craft blogs
Gourmet Fury features Vancouver food writer and photographer Melody Fury's recipes, travel stories and kitchen expertise. You'll savour the handful of posts she shares each month and delight in her original recipes, which blend Asian and Canadian cuisine. Guilt-free Miso Mushroom Poutine, anyone?

Cake-ology lets wannabe bakeshop owners live vicariously through Pamela Kirkpatrick. The owner of Winnipeg bakery Cake-ology shares quirky bakery stories and photos of her amazing creations every week.

Everybody Likes Sandwiches covers more than just sammies. Semiweekly posts by Vancouver food fan Jeannette Ordas express her joy in preparing fresh food simply, through recipes, stories and photos. "I hate complicated directions and finicky recipes," she writes. "I cook the things that I want to eat, and I try to keep things relatively healthy and affordable."

Sweet Potato Chronicles tackles the never-ending quest of feeding your family healthy meals, with humour, cute photos and yummy recipes. With new posts almost daily, you'll get the scoop on suppers and treats that your kids can help prep.

365 Fashion Rehab is written by self-confessed shopaholics and longtime BFFs Ali Dunn and Perdy Andrews. After almost 20 years of shopping together, they're on a lively, preach-free mission to help fellow fashion addicts curb their frivolous spending. A regular feature, 365 Fashion Rehab Lookbook, shows you how to wear one item multiple ways and will inspire you to shop your closet. Check for new posts each weekday.

Fashionable People, Questionable Things is the virtual home of Halifax-based friends Ally and L-A, fashion fans who blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday about the styles they love and the ones they love to hate. Be sure to check in for Shoe Porn Mondays and send in your fave footwear for a chance to be featured.

Beautygeeks is the brainchild of former Canadian Living style editor Janine Falcon. On her award-winning blog, Janine shares her love of cosmetics and shines a light on their ingredients, how they work, who they work for and how to use them. Updates throughout the day, frequent "how-to" posts and features like Lipstick Diary will help you look your best while turning you into a full-fledged member of the geek squad.

Home & crafts
You Grow Girl provides a laid-back, snob-free approach to organic gardening, from Gayla Trail. The blog's focus on experimentation, affordability and DIY will have you itching for gardening season – and hooked on winter gardening tips to tide you over. You'll love the sumptuous photos featured in the Daily Botanical.

Poppytalk will inspire home decor hobbyists and interior specialists alike. Vancouver-based graphic designer Jan Halvarson and her husband, new media specialist Earl Einarson, showcase all things "handmade, decayed and beautiful." You'll be wowed by pics of artists’ work.

Yarn Harlot accomplishes the unlikely: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee makes reading about knitting fun and funny. This renowned knitting expert blogs a few times each week from Toronto. You'll giggle at her stories and marvel over photos of her incredible projects.

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