Guide to organic and eco-friendly bedding

Organic isn't just for fruits and vegetables - fabrics come in organic and eco-friendly varieties, too. Find out more about your green bedroom decor options with this guide to organic and eco-friendly bedding.

Guide to organic and eco-friendly bedding: Organic cotton
Bed could be the best place on earth. There’s nothing better than snuggling up in flannel with your loved one on a cold winter’s night, lounging in the sunlight on a lazy summer morning or catching some Zs after a tough week at work. Make these experiences even more heavenly by dressing your bed in eco-friendly linens. From organic cotton to hemp and bamboo, the options for earth-smart sheets are growing. Read on for 7 top organic and eco-friendly bedding picks.

1. Organic cotton
Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton is grown from untreated seeds without the use of synthetic fertilizers and harsh insecticides and pesticides. Another eco benefit: no toxic chemicals are used in the harvesting or processing of organic cotton.

Pictured: Willow duvet cover in Cream and Sienna. 100 per cent organically grown and processed cotton printed with nontoxic water-based dyes.
Amenity, US$320 (queen), US$385 (king).

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