Photo gallery: The best healing houseplants

Here are eight healing houseplants to add to your home.

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Should you add healing houseplants to your home?

We're all making efforts to go green these days by choosing eco-friendly products, foods and furnishings. But did you know that by introducing a few common houseplants into your home you could have the ultimate green solution to combat indoor air pollution, speed healing, stay alert and get a good night's sleep?

Spider plant
In a two-year NASA clean air study, researchers found that certain houseplants were highly effective in filtering out of a range of household air pollutants. The spider plant came out with top marks for its ability to process formaldehyde, which has been known to "off-gass" from common household items like upholstery, curtains, floor varnishes, furniture and paints.

By placing a spider plant in your living room, out of direct sunlight and watered once a week, you can keep this natural air-purifier happy, and even benefit from its regular production of "babies," which can then be separated into their own pots as new plants.

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