9 ways to throw a successful garage sale

Clearing out the clutter in your home? Make your hard work worthwhile by earning some cash. Check out our tips on how to host a seamless and profitable garage sale.

How to throw a successful garage sale
"If you haven't used it or worn it in the last six months, you're not going to," advises Peter Walsh, Oprah's anti-clutter guru and host of TLC's Clean Sweep. "Get rid of it." And it's not just so we don't end up on Hoarders -- there's cash buried in that treasure!

The yard or garage sale is a North American tradition. Not only does it let you turn trash into cash, it's also a great way to meet the neighbours. The key is to make it fun and well organised. Here's how to do it.

1. Get your neighbours involved
Flying solo might be your preference, because there is less to go wrong and fewer folks to accommodate. But a block or street sale is a real attention grabber and when bargain hunters hear that there are several houses involved, they'll show up in droves.

Many hands make light work and when the neighbours are involved just watch the signs go up all over and the balloons appear at intersections. When everyone pitches in and pools resources -- including legions of children -- word will spread far and wide. Bonus: Block sales often evolve into block parties.

2. Advertise your garage sale
Don't spend a penny on advertising, but do get the word out. Use free classified adds such as Craigslist and Kijiji, post on Facebook and post good, old-fashioned paper signs all around the neighbourhood. Do a Google search with the name of your neighbourhood, too -- there may just be a community website where you can post. Also, libraries, grocery stores and other shops may still have notice boards.

Remember to include a rain date, start and finish times, address and a few tantalising details of what's for sale. Make sure to mention that early birds will not be welcome or you will have overzealous pickers knocking at your door at the crack of dawn.

3. Rain date
Don't let a little rain wash away your dreams of decluttering. If you own a portable gazebo, set it up out front just in case. Or hold the sale in an open garage or shed. Failing all of that, set a rain date and include it in your advertising.

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