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    These 12 dogs from our Canada's Cutest Pets contest have faces you simply can't ignore.

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    Cats are always cute, but they may be their cutest when they're falling asleep. Check out these awesome photos of sleeping cats, submitted for our Canada's Cutest Pets contest.

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  • 2013 winners: Canada's Cutest Pets Contest

    After close to 1500 votes for the top 10 finalists in Canada's Cutest Pets Contest, we have our three winners. The winning entries will each receive a gift card to  Congratulations to all the participants, finalists and to the three winners.

  • 2013 finalists: Canada's Cutest Pets Contest

    After 3,500+ entries, we've rounded out the top 10 finalists in Canada's Cutest Pets contest. Thank you to all who participated and sent in photos of your cute pets. We enjoyed each and every entry!