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    We stopped in at Toronto's Spaw Boutique doggie daycare for their annual Halloween costume contest, and these are the loveable pups who wanted to pose for the camera—many of them in homemade Halloween costumes.

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    Looking to add a dog to your family? These seven dogs are loveable, playful and most importantly, kid-friendly. 

  • 8 best hypoallergenic dog breeds

    Looking for a canine companion but can't take the allergies that come with it? You might be able to handle a hypoallergenic dog. While experts are split on the veracity of the hypoallergenic label, certain breeds that don't shed much are likely to leave you sneezing far less. Different people and dogs react differently though, so try spending some time with the dog or breed before you buy or adopt one of these loveable hypoallergenic pups.

  • 4 common dog parasites and how you can prevent them

    We break down the most common parasites dog owners need to know about—from fleas to roundworms—plus, tips on how you can prevent them. 

  • 5 easy DIY pet toys from household items

    Pets will make just about any item into a toy and now you can, too! Make these easy pet toys with household items to keep your dogs and cats entertained all summer.

  • 7 fun summer activities for you and your dog

    Summer is a great time to get outside, have fun and get active. It’s especially easy to do this if you have a dog. Here are seven fun summer activities for you and your pooch. 

  • 8 summer essentials for your dog

    Whether you're going camping or just to the park, these are the essentials that will keep your dog happy and healthy all summer long. 

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    From a four-legged ring bearer to the beloved best pet, we've rounded up eight awesome ways to include your family pet in your wedding.