Reader's story: Article inspires Goose Giving Day

Lisa Bendall's story chronicling 50 days of performing good deeds inspires one family to get into the giving spirit.

Reader's story: Article inspires Goose Giving Day
March 2009

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I just finished reading your article "How to perform 50 good deeds". As I was reading it, it sounded much like the way I was feeling. My volunteering track record was pretty much non-existant just a couple years ago.

I was also wondering why it is that it seems out of the ordinary to do good deeds. I want my daughters to use the base of kindness throughout every part of their day.

My girls who are nine and six divide any money that they receive into three even portions: savings, charity and personal spending. Our charity money was building up because we couldn't figure out where we wanted to donate it. I really wanted my girls to actually see how the money could help someone.

One day, I packed them up in the car, armed with the envelope of money and we took a whole Saturday from morning to evening doing good deeds! I told the girls to be on the lookout for any chance they saw to do good. We were driving around looking, when a guy in a van passed us. The van was pretty beaten up and the back window was missing. We followed him into a parking lot, and when he went in to the store I jumped out and put some cash under his windshield wiper. I jumped back into the car and the girls and I watched for him to come back out (we have tinted windows, perfect!). He came out and the look on his face was priceless... he was looking around with the money in his hand... totally perplexed! We were all so excited when a huge smile came across his face!

We brought flowers to a nursing home and hospital as well! A janitor was so surprised when we gave her a flower and said thanks for doing such a good job. An older lady gave the girls a loonie for the flowers... even though I wanted my girls to understand that we weren't doing this for recognition.

We went to the Salvation Army and gave a woman some cash. We went to a gas station and went into the cashier and paid for one man's gas... we watched from the car as he was so confused!

We decided at the end of the day we needed a name for this day... The Goose Giving Day was agreed upon. We are almost ready for another!

It was an amazing day of thinking of everyone else but ourselves for a day. Since that day there have been some changes in my daughters. Sometimes they will see someone on the street that looks like they need a helping hand and bring it to my attention… and I think they are "getting it."

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that I had a similar story and that I'm so glad you wrote the article and I hope that it inspires others to challenge themselves and help bring this world to a better place one random act of kindness at a time!

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