5 apps to organize your life

Let your smartphone help: 5 stellar and free apps to organize your life. 

5 apps to organize your life
Any.DO (for Android and iPhone): This easy to use task manager lets you create lists, alerts and notes. Shake your phone to clear finished tasks or hit "snooze" to be reminded later. Plus, you can speak into your device and Any.DO will convert your words into text.

Evernote (for all major platforms): This smartphone and tablet app lets you jot down notes, paste photos, record voice notes and much more. Best of all, your notes automatically sync to your other devices.

Sticky Notes (for BlackBerry): Why pay $20 for a task manager app when there are free alternatives like this one? Create old-fashioned sticky notes on your phone's home screen – perfect for grocery lists or directions to a birthday party. You can also choose your favourite templates: They don't need to be square yellow notes.

Tempo (for iPhone): Tempo not only allows you to create calendar appointments with reminders but also send a "running late" email or text with one tap. Review emails related to meetings, dial into conference calls, open documents and connect to social networks. It works with Siri too, so you can dictate or hear appointment info.

OneNote (for all platforms): Microsoft's OneNote might best be described as a digital notebook. Similar to Evernote, this app lets you create lists, make notes, add photos and audio, check off to-dos and more. Integrated with Microsoft Office, notes are saved in the cloud, so your info is available on a number of devices.

There's lots of other apps to help you get organized, whether you need help managing your money or getting your baby on a schedule.

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