Quiz: What kind of home business should you start?

Find out which type of home business suits your style, and get closer to the dream of being your own boss.

Quiz: What kind of home business should you start?
Thinking of becoming your own boss? More and more Canadians are self-employed – nearly 2.7 million in 2010, according to Statistics Canada. What's more, the number of entrepreneurial women is growing too, now accounting for a full 35 per cent of self-employed Canadians.

Key benefits of starting your own business are the ability to set your own hours and the satisfaction of running your own business. But not all home businesses are the same. Wondering which of the most common types is best for you? Take our quiz.

1. Are you more creative or numbers-oriented?

Creative: Consider starting your own independent business.

Numbers-oriented: A franchise ownership or sales consultant gig is better.

2. Are you willing and able to invest five or six figures into your start-up?

Yes: Buying into a franchise or starting up certain independent businesses (stores or equipment-heavy services such as construction) can be pricey.

No: Start-up costs associated with becoming a sales consultant are minimal by comparison.

3. Are you planning to invest lots of time, effort and sweat equity into this project? Or are you looking for something more low-key and manageable in your weekend downtime?

High commitment: A franchise or independent business will keep you busy full-time – and then some.

Low commitment: Opt for a sales consultant gig. Their appeal is their flexible nature.

4. Are you an extrovert or introvert?

Make the most of your outgoing personality as a sales consultant. Independent business owners benefit from networking, making this a good fit, too.

Introvert: With franchising, your introversion is less of an issue so long as you've got paid staff working with the public.

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