Working moms: How to find a great stay-at-home job

As a mom, finding a work-at-home job can seem like a great way to achieve some work-life balance. Here's how to avoid scams and find a work-at-home job that's a smart fit.

Working moms: How to find a great stay-at-home job
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For many moms who want to spend more time at home, finding the right work-at-home job is the dream. Here's how to start turning that dream into reality.

Start with the skills you have

One of the best ways to find a work-at-home job is to consider the jobs you've done before, as well as your interests, and to assess whether there's a work-at-home job or business opportunity there. An increasing number of fields are open to remote workers: public relations, virtual office work, copy editing, freelance writing, bookkeeping, tax preparation and design are among them.

You can also consider services to provide out of your home. While the classic possibility is at-home child care, there are a lot of other options. Consider teaching a musical instrument, art or other creative classes, tutoring, coaching, organizing, pet care and even home esthetic services (check regulations in your area).

Keep in mind that if you are starting your own business, marketing and sales tasks will also take up your time.

Work-at-home jobs to try:
If your previous job doesn't mesh well with an at-home lifestyle, here are some hot jobs to try from home.

• Remote call centre jobs: Many companies are outsourcing their customer service to people who work from home. Be aware that many of these jobs require that you prove your children have an alternate caregiver during the time you are on the job.

• Data entry: If you have good attention to detail and don't mind spending the time in front of the computer you can often find short- and long-term data entry jobs.

• Medical transcriptionist: If you have a medical background and don't mind putting in the time, these jobs exist in Canada as well as the United States. Bonus: This is work that can often be done after the kids are in bed.

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