Top 10 names for baby boys in Canada

Did you know that the name Liam is derived from Uilliam? Discover more interesting facts about Canada's most popular boys names, including William and Noah.

By Heather Camlot

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Top 10 names for baby boys in Canada

Baby, sweetheart and cutie pie are all great names for your little one, but they won't stand up too well come kindergarten. Choosing the right name is tough, no doubt about it, but you have to start somewhere. Kick off your search with inspiration from Canada's Top 10 boys' names for 2012. Consider their meanings, discover fun facts and give them a test drive to see which one, if any, suits you and baby X best.

1. Liam
This Irish name is short for Uilliam and derived from William, which means "strong protector." Oddly enough, the name did not make it onto the list of Ireland's Top 10 baby names for 2012, but it did reach No. 1 in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

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