5 Best Places To Hide Christmas Presents From Nosy Kids

I admit it. When I was a kid I was always searching for my mom’s hiding spot for our Christmas presents. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I have spied my own child doing a little pre-Christmas snooping of her own. Like I would ever hide them in my clothes closet. Nice try kid.

Every parent I know has their own creative solution for hiding their kids’ gifts. Here are a few of the best.

1. Luggage

The big ones are spacious enough to fit all the gifts and is likely stored away somewhere kids seldom play. This may not work if you are travelling during the holidays, so you might want to try the following options.

2. Neighbour’s house

Your lovely neighbours may not mind holding on to a few gifts for a week or so. This option only works if your neighbour does not have kids. The last thing you need is someone else’s darlings finding your gifts and thinking that is what they are getting for Christmas. They might be thrilled to pieces or very disappointed.

3. Storage bin

Especially those marked “summer clothes” or “glassware”.

4. Kitchen cupboards

Smaller gifts will fit nicely in a stock pot, while others might find room in the cleaning supplies closet. Both are probably not places the kids will think to look, but be careful if you ask them to fetch something from either spot.

5. Laundry hamper

If you have two the house, this is a great hiding spot. Cover up the gifts with clean but rumpled towels in the laundry room. If you have a child that actually helps with laundry and might find the gift accidentally, they probably really deserve the present they just found.

Where do you hide your Christmas gifts?

 Photo courtesy FlickrCC/piX1966


  • Carla Hallman McGinnis

    I had to choose our neighbors house…I did hide last minute smaller things in the house cleaning cabinet, where I store cleaning products…no one dares go in that cabinet, ha ha..I pick the latter as the best hiding place ever…no robber would dare to go there either! :D

  • KSG

    I wrap mine as soon as I get them…the only thing that works!